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Dyslexia Assessments

Dyslexia Assessments

Dyslexia Assessments - Children & Adults


Referrals may be made for an assessment to identify a Specific Learning Disability in Reading and Written Expression (Dyslexia). At On Track Psychological Services you may expect:

  • Parent / Carer interview including developmental and educational history (parents only).
  • Approximately 120-180 minutes of testing directly related to determining whether a diagnosis is appropriate.
  • Provision of a detailed report with summary and diagnostic opinion - provided within 3 working weeks.
  • Individualised, specific learning recommendations for school and home.
  • Feedback session.

Depending on the referral question and testing required, 3 sessions are usually required:

  • Initial parent consultation (30-50 mins).
  • Assessment session (120-180 mins).
  • Feedback session for parents (50 mins).